Road rage accused denies throwing punch

A 33-year-old man has denied punching an elderly man in a Sydney road rage attack and claims the “old fellow” fell back and hit his head.


Michael Gleeson says he turned himself in to police after realising the scuffle in Strathfield, in Sydney’s west, left the elderly man with serious head injuries.

Police allege an argument started after the car Gleeson and his girlfriend were in backed into 73-year-old Cock Foo’s car on Monday afternoon.

Gleeson is accused of punching Mr Foo, who fell to the ground and hit his head.

He was rushed to hospital with bleeding on the brain. Gleeson allegedly ran from the scene.

However, Gleeson’s lawyer Russell Byrnes told Central Local Court on Friday, Gleeson checked the man was breathing before he left.

It was the next day before he found out what had happened and contacted his lawyer, who advised he turn himself in.

Gleeson has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Mr Byrnes said 33-year-old Gleeson denied punching the man.

However, the prosecution claims Gleeson threw a punch and left Mr Foo motionless on the ground and bleeding from his head.

Mr Byrne said Gleeson panicked after the minor crash because he learned that day his licence was suspended.

The court heard Gleeson pleaded with Mr Foo not to call police and offered him money but his begging fell on deaf ears.

Mr Byrnes said Gleeson grabbed the “old fellow’s” phone but gave it back during the argument.

“But he was trying to calm the old fellow down,” he said.

Mr Byrnes said Mr Foo then tried to grab Gleeson’s phone.

“As he was trying to do that the old fellow fell backwards and hit his head tragically,” he said.

Magistrate Mark Buscombe found there was an unacceptable risk of commission of other offences and endangering the community if Gleeson was granted bail.

Bail was refused and the case was adjourned to July 21.

Outside court Mr Byrnes said Gleeson’s pregnant girlfriend, who cried as her boyfriend was led away, was distraught.

He said his client had gone through tragedy after tragedy.

“The poor bastard has had no chance at all,” he said.